Banking transference in favor of DYLearn, S.L, to the following account of Caixa Catalunya

In order to carry out the payment a transference to the indicated account number will be made. It is essential to indicate in concept NIF/CIF and the course Id. CAIXA CATALUNYA 2013 – 0853 – 05 – 0200181607

Payment by means of Virtual TPV Paypal in the own vestibule of formation

In order to make the payment of the course in this modality, simply it is necessary to ask for the discharge of a user in the vestibule (it is made of automatic form in the formation portal) and after validating the passwords, to accede to the course that is desired to register. Then it will be directed to the payment footbridge and the purchase will be effective at the moment in which DYLearn, S.L. has registry the payment of the courses registered.

Virtual TPV Caixa Catalunya

To go to the page of courses and to select the cart of the course that wishes to make to do the payment